Democracy Across Africa . Panseh Tsewole’s Commentary

Panseh Tsewole believes democracy in Africa has seen progress on some fronts, regression and complete rejection on others. As the continent moves forward into the future, many people and nations within it feel that democratization is inevitable, and even necessary, to remain competitive in a global economy, as well as for Africa to gain more influence on the world stage. However, Panseh Tsewole says we must account for the opinions and wishes of the African people and nations who do not wish to adopt democracy, whatever their reasons.

In Panseh Tsewole‘s view forcing democracy on unwilling African countries and their citizens is actually the antithesis of what is supposed to be at the heart of democracy: governance that accounts for the wishes of the people. From what Panseh Tsewole has observed, there needs to be some thoughtful conversations had about the tendency of African countries to be strictly for or against democracy. He believes it is quite possible for some countries on the continent to embrace democracy while others stick to their current systems of government, or even adopt different ways. In Panseh Tsewole opines the decision to democratize or not shouldn’t result in any African nations or people being ostracized, nor treated favorably. Panseh Tsewole concludes it must come down to what is best for those particular regions and citizens, not what is wanted by outside influences.

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